Established in 2014, the MS CEO Society is a boutique consulting firm formed to empower women entrepreneurs with the tools needed to take their business to the next level. Coming from a background in commercial and small business finance, our founder Kimber Raell asked a core group of millennials “If I told you I sold money, could you buy it”? and the overwhelming response was “No”. ……Understanding that there is a misrepresentation in the marketplace leaving modern women unprepared to compete with her male counterparts.

Based in Atlanta, Ga. our company has a passion to educate millennials on properly implementing business structure, teaching sales driven laser focused marketing campaigns and posturing finances to a place of fundability. The number one reason businesses fail is because of lack of planning-long and short term; the second reason businesses fail is because of the lack of capital. At MS CEO our goal is to assist in all phases of business from concept to close.

Our core values are deeply imbedded in the philosophy of getting and keeping our sh*t together! The MS. CEO coaching suite has been carefully crafted by seasoned professionals and tailored to the needs of the modern working women; our tools and group coaching sessions are designed to increase productivity and maximize bottom line. Let one of our MS CEO coaches lead you to your financial freedom and reach your business goals……..AF!